Straddle Bags

Straddle Bags

There are three versions of this great little audio bag. The Single StraddleBag (SWB1) measures 2" deep by 3" wide by 5" tall and is designed to carry a single wireless receiver (Lectrosonic, for example). The Single Double has two pockets on one side.

The sturdy strap attaches to the handle of your camera on all StraddleBag versions and a small piece of Velcro secures it to your battery. The Double StraddleBag (SWB2) is designed to carry two receivers and is made to ride across the top of your brick battery (4"). Pockets are 2"D x 3"W x 5"H.

A smaller side pocket lets you easily store and carry the antenna when not in use and another inside mesh pocket can carry heater packets. A clear window on the right side allows you to show off your business card or other pertinent info for your shoot.

These are normally available in black, but we will also manufacture navy, grey, green, or--on occasion--orange or camo. (Special orders.)

More Information

Contact us to place an order for a straddle bag designed with busy shoots in mind. We are based in Santa Monica, California, and ship to customers worldwide.