The Challenge Is to Solve the Problem

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The designers at ShooterSlicker® Raincovers have been working with cinema clients using the Sony F5 and F55, Alexa, and Sony C300 and C500 cameras. Our newest raincover design allows you to add on infinite pieces of equipment and still have a working raincover to protect it all!

It's called the S1 Modular and can be adapted for lenses of different sizes, eyepieces, front matte boxes, and rear media recorders. Let us know what you have and we make you the raincover you need for your camera setup and location. We also offer five colors and maybe the occasional camo or ballistic fabric. Ask us!

New Gear? New Ideas?

Got something new? Need a special design or a different color? Call us--we love a challenge!

Contact us for further information on the wide variety of protective camera gear we offer. We are based in Santa Monica, California, and ship to customers worldwide.